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Welcome to ProductsRoom! The Montessori method, previously known only to those who were related to the world of education, is increasingly required by parents. And, how could it be otherwise, it is a knowledge that is also being applied in the rest area, through the well-known Montessori beds.

All of us who live with a baby know that their sleep can often be weak and that the lack of rest leads them to uncontrollable behaviors. This is why we care about this very important aspect of childhood life. Montessori beds propose a lifestyle in which autonomy is a priority. If you still don’t know them, keep reading!

The Most Important

  • If parents are concerned about something, it is that our children have a quality rest. This helps them to be more active when they are awake and encourages the development of their abilities during the first years of life.
  • For all this, one of the most important decisions we make at that time is the crib or bed in which our little one will sleep. Montessori beds, with a low design practically flush with the floor, are an increasingly used option.
  • When choosing the ideal Montessori bed for our child, we must take into account aspects such as the space we have, the materials, the model, or the color.

The Best Montessori Beds on the Market: Our Favorites

As we will see later, today we can find a huge variety of different models of beds that follow the Montessori method. In order to compare this variety with real cases, we selected for you some of the best Montessori beds on the market. What is the one you like?

The Best Bunk-style Montessori Bed

Storkcraft Caribou Solid Hardwood Twin Bunk Bed


Manufacturer: Storkcraft
Item model number: 09720-129
Product Dimensions: 79.13 x 42 x 64.72 inches
Item Weight: 21 pounds
Maximum weight recommendation: 225 Pounds
Style: Modern
Finish: Rubberwood
Floor-type: Slatted Base
Size: Twin
Material: Wood
Color: Espresso
Type of product: Bunk

If you want a Montessori bed but your children live in the same room, this could be the ideal solution! The bottom bunk is low enough for your child to come and go as he or she pleases, while your older child will love to climb into the top bunk. This bed is made of hevea wood, a natural material that is very dense, resistant, and more durable than other woods. It will therefore last a long time and ensure the safety of your children.

Score by Features

Value for money
Quality of material
Easy to assemble
Storage Capacity



The Best Low Montessori Bed

Dream On Me Classic Design Toddler Bed in Black


Manufacturer: Dream on Me
Item model number: 624-K
Product Dimensions: 57 x 28 x 30 inches
Item Weight: 16.5 pounds
Target gender: Unisex
Minimum weight recommendation: 20 Pounds
Maximum weight recommendation: 50 Pounds
Material Type: Wood, Cherry
Best uses: Comfortable sleep for your toddler
Finish: Pine

This type of Montessori bed is suitable for slightly older children who can walk safely and therefore climb on this bed, which is slightly higher than the floor, although it is quite low. To ensure the safety of your little ones, this model is equipped with side rails that protect them from injury and give them the freedom they need for optimal growth and development.

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Value for money
Quality of material
Easy to assemble



The Best Montessori Bed in Classic Style

Delta Children Canton Toddler Bed


Manufacturer: Delta Children
Item model number: 7181-604
Product Dimensions: 29 x 29 x 57.5 inches
Item Weight: 25.7 pounds
Material Type: Solid Wood
Color: Cherry/Grey/White
Style: Canton

This bed is special to make your little one live a sweet transition from cradle to bed. It has a classic design and low in height, perfect for your child to get on and off the bed safely and independently.

It has rails on each side that provide security while your child sleeps. It is made with strong and solid wood. In addition, it is easy to assemble. Does not include a mattress, sheets, or pillows. Overall dimension: 29 x 56.25 x 24 inches.

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Value for money
Easy to assemble



The Best Montessori Bed to Stimulate the Imagination

Little Seeds Rowan Valley Forest Loft Bed


Manufacturer: Little Seeds
Item model number: 4142419LS
Product Dimensions: 49.5 x 80 x 66.5 inches
Item Weight: 112 pounds
Size: Twin
Material: Metal
Color: Grey/Taupe – Black/White
Type of product: Loft Bed

With this bed, your little one can enjoy countless adventures. It is shaped like a house, including windows, so your transition from crib to bed will be a lot of fun. To offer safety to the little one, it has handrails and a fixed ladder.

The model fits standard double-size mattresses. In total, it measures 49.5 x 80 x 66.5 inches. That said, it is important to emphasize that the mattress is not included, so you must have or get one.

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Value for money
Easy to assemble



The Best Montessori Bed in the Shape of a House

Bedroom Twin Size Furniture Premium Wood Children Toddler House Bed


Manufacturer: UHOM
Product Dimensions: 78.7 x 40.9 x 72.8 inches
Size: Twin size
Material: Wood
Color: Shape2

This adorable children’s bed is shaped like a house. It is made with high-quality Finnish pine that resists humidity and temperature changes in the home. Although it is designed for children, its design allows it to be liked by teenagers.

It is a safe frame. The best news is that you can personalize it, for example, with a fireplace. Also, you receive it ready for you to paint it to your liking or to your liking. Its installation is very simple, you just have to follow the instructions provided.

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Value for money
Easy to assemble



Shopping Guide: What You Should Know About The Montessori Bed

Although more and more parents are deciding on a Montessori bed, these types of childcare products are still unknown to many. In addition, taking into account the importance of the purchase of any product for our children, it is normal that doubts arise. Today we answer the most frequently asked questions.

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Montessori beds are designed to promote the autonomy and independence of the little ones. (Source: Image by jun yang from Pixabay)

What is a Montessori bed and what advantages does it have?

Before talking about Montessori beds, it is worth clarifying what this method is based on, which is now on everyone’s lips. Well, the Montessori method is a form of parenting that focuses mainly on promoting the autonomy and independence of the little ones.

Following these lines of thought, a Montessori bed is one that allows our child to move autonomously in it, even getting out and about by himself as soon as he begins to crawl. This type of bed has many benefits, both for the health and for the development of children:

  • They are designed to favor the autonomy and independence of the little ones.
  • Due to their position close to the ground, they are very safe.
  • They force a correct posture, which affects the health of the child’s spine.
  • They stimulate cognitive development and the main motor skills.
  • They bring a lot of freedom to discover the world around them.

For all these reasons, Montessori beds are becoming part of many children’s rooms today. In addition, they are designed in such a way that the bed grows with our children, respecting the different stages that it will go through. We will see how it happens later.

Montessori Beds
It is recommended that the location of the bed allows your baby to see the entire room. (Source: Photo by cottonbro from Pexels)

What types of Montessori bed are there?

As we mentioned before, one of the main objectives of this parenting method is the freedom of the child. For this reason, there are Montessori beds of many types and for all tastes. In this way, our child will feel comfortable in it and will be able to enjoy to the fullest in one of the places where they spend the most time when they are young. Let’s see the main ones:

  • Montessori Kutuva bed: the most classic of all. Its design is very comfortable since it allows the child to enter and exit through the sides with total freedom. In addition, they are manufactured with custom measurements.
  • Ikea Montessori Bunk Bed – Ideal for rooms with more than one child. While the oldest accessed by a ladder, the youngest’s bed is at ground level. They are very practical and save a lot of space.
  • Low Montessori bed: already with an adult bed shape, they are suitable for children who have learned to walk and are able to climb a slight height.
  • Montessori house style bed: with such a creative design that favors the imagination of children. They have a house-shaped structure from which you can hang multiple accessories.
  • Montessori style teepee bed: the most fashionable ones. They present a shape of an Indian teepee that the little ones love. Of course, under the mattress, a line of wooden slats is laid.

The choice of one or another type of bed will depend, first of all, on the stage of growth in which our child is. Once we have this clear, we can choose from the wide variety of different models that exist. A great advantage of all these types is that they can be customized.

the best Montessori Beds
Montessori beds give children a lot of freedom so that they can discover the world around them. (Source: Baby photo created by freepik –

Which Montessori bed is best for each age?

As we have just mentioned, what we mainly seek by following the Montessori parenting method is to provide freedom to our son, so that he goes through each stage of his growth when he plays. And, as with all other childcare products, the bed will also have to evolve. We will see it clearly in the following table:

Growth StageMontessori Bed TypeWhy?
First monthsA mattress on the floorSo that the baby feels accompanied but at the same time free.
When they crawlLow bedIt allows them to get on and off it with total autonomy.
When they walk with easeSlightly raised bedIt adapts to your size and your new capabilities.
OlderHouse or teepee style bedThey encourage their imagination and allow them to play.

The most important thing is that we let our own child mark the transition between the different stages. We will simply put at your disposal all possible means for you to develop and discover the wonderful world that surrounds you. Thus, the Montessori bed will become a place where you will like to spend your time.

What is the best place to put the Montessori bed?

Although each different family and in each house the rest spaces are organized in a certain way, what we can do is give you some tips or simple instructions to choose the location of the Montessori bed. As you will see, all of them are aimed at the comfort of the child. Pay attention!

  • As soon as the baby begins to crawl, it is important that there is an accessible side space through which he can get on and off the bed without complications.
  • It is recommended that the location of the bed allows our child to see the entire room.
  • If lying down you can see the door, the better.

These three tips are very simple, but they greatly influence the feeling of comfort and security that the little one will have when he is in bed. If we take them into account, we guarantee that the chosen location will be correct. Also, of course, when the child grows up we can ask him where he would like to put his bed.

What’s so special about a Montessori bed?

A Montessori bed, in the first place, is characterized by giving the child enough independence and autonomy to get on and off it from the moment they start to crawl. In addition, due to their shape and design, they are usually fun and allow the little one to develop imagination and creativity.

Finally, we cannot talk about this type of bed without talking about the material, since they are always made of wood. This fact is positive for our children at the health level since they do not contain toxic compounds. Also, at the level of resistance, since it increases its durability.

Is the Montessori bed safe?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions. We are all concerned about the safety of our children and, many times, we think that the freedom of movement that a Montessori bed allows can be dangerous for them. Well, we couldn’t be more wrong. The truth is that, especially when they are smaller, the fact that they are on the ground is a great advantage.

Of course, certain precautions will have to be taken, such as placing a rug around the bed. In this way, if the baby crawls out of it, it will remain on a completely safe surface. Of course, the use of this type of bed requires extra attention from parents at all times.

From what age can a Montessori bed be used?

In general, specialists recommend starting to use a Montessori bed from when the baby is two or three months old, but nothing is established. The good thing that these beds adapt to the growth and different stages of the child is that each family can decide when and how to use them. In fact, this versatility is one of its great advantages.

There are many parents, for example, who start with this method before the transition from the crib to the “grown-up” bed has to occur. The design of these beds allows this transition to be much less radical. Regarding the maximum age of use, there is nothing written either. There are beds with this style that can be used until adolescence.

What other elements, besides the Montessori bed, can decorate my child’s room using this method?

Normally, the parents who decide on a Montessori bed for our children, also agree with this method of upbringing and education in the rest of its areas, not only in that of rest. For this reason, we like to decorate the children’s room with elements that follow this methodology in favor of autonomy and independence. Among them:

  • Do not overload the room, that is, always leave space for the child.
  • Use warm colors, which are much more relaxing and enhance the imagination.
  • Choose furniture that the child can reach, so he can pick up and collect his toys by himself.
  • Provide a safe and warm floor for the child.
  • Decorate the walls with educational prints and in relation to nature.
  • Place a mirror. Letting children see their reflection helps them improve their movements.
  • Choose toys wisely, thinking about their development.

Without a doubt, what characterizes the rooms that follow the Montessori method is simplicity. This fact, in addition to making them much cheaper, favors that the little one always has reference points in which to find everything. In this way, it will be much more autonomous and will develop more easily.

Montessori Beds the best
Teepee style beds stimulate children’s imaginations and allow them to play. (Source: Photo by Helena Lopes from Pexels)

Purchase criteria

Once we decide on a Montessori bed for our child, the hardest part comes: choosing the most suitable one. Of course, this choice will not be random but will be based on certain aspects that will be fundamental. Next, we talk about the main criteria for buying these beds:

Available space

To begin with, what we should look at at first is the available space that we have to place the Montessori bed. Space is very important because, as we said before, the rooms that follow this method are characterized by simplicity. For this, the bed must have its place.

It is essential that, in addition to having the space of the bed, we make a mental image of the distribution of all the elements of the room. In this way, we will make sure that we can give each element a specific space that will later help the little one to locate and move on its own.

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Montessori beds, being close to the ground, are very safe. (Source:


As with any childcare article, the materials with which the Montessori bed is made are very important, especially for the safety and health of the little ones. Most beds of this type are made of premium wood that can then be painted in some other color.

Although this happens most of the time, it will never hurt to make sure and verify that there is no compound among the bed’s manufacturing materials that could be harmful or harmful to our children. Parents we know, first things first.


Luckily, we have a wide variety of models and designs of Montessori style beds. Therefore, we will have the opportunity to choose among all of them the one that suits us best and adapts to the needs of the child.

If we look at their skills and abilities, we can choose a model that suits them perfectly. Let’s remember that there were Montessori beds for each of the different stages. It is essential not to confuse the stages, since if the child is not able to use the bed, he can become frustrated.

The most important thing to think about in this case is the growth stage of our child.

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Photo by cottonbro from Pexels


Colors are another of the fundamental purchase criteria for our son’s future Montessori bed. Surely, we all know the importance of colors, both in the mood and in the development of cognitive and intellectual abilities. This influence is the main reason why we should take our time to choose the color.

While many families prefer the natural tone of the wood with which the bed is made, as it is reminiscent of nature, others choose the colored lacquer. The ideal would be to choose warm tones, as they are much more relaxing and promote brain activity. Of course, if our son has a favorite color, there won’t be much more to think about.

Other add-ons

Finally, we must take into account the possibility of adding elements or accessories to the Montessori bed. We have already verified that the design of this type of bed is characterized by sobriety, although its shapes can be fun and creative. Because of this, it is great to be able to include other articles.

We refer, for example, to hangers in house or teepee structures. Also, to safety cushions, which act as a barrier when babies are very young. After all, it is advisable to choose a bed that allows us to personalize it with different elements as we need it.

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Photo by Polina Tankilevitch from Pexels


With a Montessori bed, our children grow and develop in an environment that gives them enough freedom to realize that they are capable of many things on their own. For example, getting in and out of bed without help from adults. Although this fact means that parents have to pay extra attention, children will be happier.

It’s fun shapes, its wooden construction, and its location at ground level are the perfect combination thanks to which the Montessori method makes it easier for the little ones to be autonomous and independent. In this way, their abilities, both intellectual and physical, are benefited.

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