The Best Tablet keyboards of 2022 – Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

Tablet keyboards

The tablets are one of the best sellers of the time technological devices. They combine the benefits of a compact computer (even more so than a laptop) without the downside of the reduced screen of cell phones. They are ideal for professionals who work on an itinerant basis, although they have also become a source of hobbies and entertainment.

However, those who are used to typing and are not used to a tablet format with a touch screen, miss a physical keyboard. Let’s think of professionals, academics, or students who need to create and edit documents in Word or Excel formats. For all of them, tablet keyboards are the perfect option: practical, removable, and mobile.

The most important

  • Tablet keyboards are hardware elements that serve the same function as a keyboard built into a desktop or laptop computer.
  • They are very popular among tablet users who need to use the device for office tasks or as a work tool, in general.
  • The compatibility of each keyboard with the tablet will basically be defined by the manufacturer of the latter.
  • One of the main advantages it presents is its dimensions: they are usually light, compact, and easy to transport together with the tablet.

The best tablet keyboards on the market: our recommendations

Now that we know what these devices are for and why they can be useful to us, we will see a compilation of the best tablet keyboards on the market to facilitate your purchase process. This selection has been prepared by your friends at ProductsRoom, we hope you enjoy it.

The best tablet keyboard on the market

OMOTON Ultra-Slim Bluetooth Keyboard 1


Manufacturer: OMOTON
Bluetooth Edition: Bluetooth 3.0
Dimensions: 285 x 120 x 6 mm / 11.2 x 4.7 x 0.2 inch
Buttons: 78 keys (including 13 iPad Hotkeys)
Weight: 282g / 9.95 oz
Operating Range: Up to 10 meters / 33 feet
The keyboard is made of superior plastic.
Supported System: iOS

The best wireless keyboard is, without a doubt, the Omoton Ultra-Slim, with which you can connect cell phones, tablets, and even IPads through a Bluetooth connection. It has a reasonable layout due to its QWERTY layout with custom hotkeys.

Its battery is long-lasting, reaching up to 30 days in use and even half a year without being used. Its size is indicated to keep anywhere.

Score by Features

Bluetooth connectivity
Battery life
Sleep mode
Quality of material



The best single-backlit tablet keyboard

Arteck HB030B Universal Slim tablet keyboard


Manufacturer: Arteck
Item model number: HB030B
Hardware Platform: Tablet, Smartphone
Operating System: Mac os
Item Weight: 7.6 ounces
Item Dimensions: 9.72 x 0.24 x 5.91 inches
Voltage: 5 Volts
Batteries: 1 Lithium Polymer battery required. (included)

Enjoy this unique backlit keyboard, which gives you 7 stylish LED colors and 2 levels of brightness, as well as its auto-sleep function to maximize power use.

Use it via Bluetooth connection on your IOS, Android, MAC OS, and Windows devices. Its battery, made of lithium, lasts 6 months between each charge. It is ultra-thin and light, you can take it everywhere.

Score by Features

Battery life
Sleep mode
Quality of material
For gaming



The best universal keyboard for tablet

Logitech Bluetooth Multi-Device tablet keyboard


Manufacturer: Logitech
Item model number: 920-006342
Hardware Platform: Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone
Operating System: Mac os x, Windows 8, Windows 7
Item Weight: 1.81 pounds
Item Dimensions: 12.2 x 1.61 x 7.91 inches
Batteries: 1 Lithium Polymer battery required. (included)

This keyboard will be your best choice since you can not only use it on tablets but with smartphones and even computers. You only need to turn the Easy-Switch button to switch between three wireless devices that are connected by Bluetooth.

It has its own base to hold your phone or tablet at the right angle so you can read while you write. An ideal choice to take care of those writing details.

Score by Features

Bluetooth connectivity
Battery life
Sleep mode
Quality of material



Best ultra-thin keyboard for tablet

Nulaxy Bluetooth tablet Keyboard


Manufacturer: Nulaxy
Item model number: Nulaxy KM12
Compatibility: PC/Tablet/Smartphone/iPad
System: Windows/Android/IOS
Features: Portable, Rechargeable, Slim, Stand
Item Weight: 4 ounces
Item Dimensions: 9.25 x 5.31 x 0.2 inches
Voltage: 0.1 Volts
Batteries: 1 Lithium Polymer battery required. (included)

Get the ultimate feel with the Nulaxy keyboard, whose low-profile keys create a quiet typing experience. Its keyboard is ultra-thin up to 10mm.

It has a leather cover, which can be easily uninstalled. You can use it to make phone calls. The device is compatible with IPads, iPhones, Samsung Galaxy Tabs, Google Nexus, Kindle Fire HD, and any device that has a Bluetooth connection.

Score by Features

Bluetooth connectivity
Battery life
Quality of material
Sleep mode



Shopping Guide: What You Should Know About Tablet Keyboards

Before buying a tablet keyboard, we have to know its characteristics. First, those that have to do with the nature of the product and its reason for existence. Also, the most concrete and specific of each model, because not all are the same. Therefore, it is necessary that we know all the information pertinent to a tablet keyboard before touching the subject of purchase.

Tablet keyboards 4
Tablet keyboards do not have a very high cost for the user. (Source: riksagar/8187698955 –

What is a tablet keyboard?

A tablet keyboard can be considered a peripheral device (since it is not assembled in the physical structure of the tablet ) of hardware. Like a conventional keyboard, it is made up of alphanumeric keys, so it can integrate other special types with specific associated functions. It is used to remotely type and write and/or edit texts on the tablet.

How does a tablet keyboard work?

Most tablet keyboards connect wirelessly to tablets or similar devices. This means that they do not require a connection with USB cables, as was the case with previous models. Generally, this connection is established via Bluetooth, hence the importance of it being fast. Today, the most advanced keyboards offer Bluetooth 3.0.

Remember that there are models of tablet keyboards only compatible with Mac iPad models and others, on the other hand, only valid for Windows / Android.

Why is a tablet keyboard useful?

There is no doubt that tablets have many advantages over desktops and laptops, but they also have some disadvantages. By staying halfway between these and a cell phone, some of the additional features that it offers us with respect to cell phones may be limited. This is due to the lack of a physical keyboard.

For example, let’s think about the use of the tablet as a work tool. To create and edit common Word documents, or even to write a long email, using the touch keyboard can be a nightmare. We will save time and be more precise if we have a physical keyboard. The same happens if we want to dedicate the tablet to the hobby.

Tablet keyboards 3
Most modern keyboards are powered by lithium batteries. (Source: wwwwolf/18414520772 –

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a tablet keyboard?

When evaluating the purchase of the tablet keyboard, one of the things that we must not forget is the objective assessment of the advantages and disadvantages that it has. What would it bring me? Does it improve the functions of my device? Am I going to take advantage of it? Does it pay off the investment needed? Next, we see graphically the advantages and disadvantages of this technological product:


  • Easy use
  • Enrich the tablet
  • Very useful for professionals
  • Not very high cost


  • Most are very simple
  • Additional expense

What do the experts say about tablet keyboards?

Undoubtedly, the assessment of a product made by those who know it best is always very relevant for the user. In this sense, when talking about tablet keyboards, we turn to William Marchiori, head of Loop Infinito, who defends them and attributes them great utility as essential accessories to fully exploit the qualities of our tablet.

Can I use any tablet keyboard on my device?

As a general rule, no. Another thing is that today, there are many universal tablet keyboards or compatible with any operating system. But it is the exception, not the rule. When it comes to comparing models, you have to pay attention to them. For example, many tablet keyboards are not compatible with iOS; while a few others will only work on Apple devices.

Most tablets still run-on Android operating systems (the cheapest on the market), while the market segment that Windows occupies has also grown in recent years thanks to some interesting models. Therefore, most keyboards will be compatible with Android / Windows, and may or may not be compatible with iOS.

How is a tablet keyboard powered?

Tablet keyboards work thanks to power systems that can be of various types. As with any other device, older models need a cable connection to a power source (the tablet, for example) or use rechargeable lead-nickel batteries. These materials do not offer much autonomy or long life.

The most modern and advanced tablet keyboards on the market today are powered by lithium batteries. These offer a much longer autonomy (up to 100 hours of use, in some cases) and an ultra-fast charge that eliminates the worry of having to constantly recharge the batteries. Thus, the keyboard is unlikely to stop working at the worst time.

Tablet keyboards 2
Tablet keyboards are very easy to use. (Source: sergesegal/49699596237 –

How much does a tablet keyboard cost?

This is one of the good news about this product: tablet keyboards are relatively cheap, as long as we adjust our needs to models that are not part of the premium segment of the market. It is not, therefore, an expensive accessory, as we might think at first. As we can see, there are accessible electronic products.

From a starting price of around $ 15 USD, we can increase to $ 25-30 USD, where we will find most of the standard models with very similar technical and physical characteristics. If we continue to move up the ladder, there will be a jump that will take us above $ 100-120 USD to more exclusive brand models and not always universally compatible.

Purchase criteria

Once the main characteristics of tablet keyboards are known, it is time to review the criteria that we must assess before making a purchase decision. That is, how do we choose one model over another? What do we look at when we have two types of keyboard in front of us that, apparently, are the same and serve the same purpose? Here are some helpful tips.

Dimensions and weight

It must be taken into account that the keyboard, by not being physically incorporated into the tablet, occupies an additional space in our suitcase or travel bag (if we travel frequently) or on our desk (if we use the tablet in the office). In any case, the measurements and the weight of the keyboard are important when considering the purchase.

They are generally all a standard size and weight. If we are looking for something that is as compact and lightweight as possible, we will have to filter out the foldable and ultra-thin models, because we will hardly notice that we are transporting them. All this without giving up the basic functions that we want to satisfy with the purchase. Size Matters.

Tablet keyboards 7
We recommend you choose the keyboard that suits your tastes and needs. (Source: Csaba Nagy from Pixabay)

Connectivity / Compatibility

An ultra-thin, ultra-fast, and ultra-modern tablet keyboard would be of no use if it doesn’t work with our device. Therefore, first we will have to know what operating system our tablet uses. It may seem silly, but it is not. Sometimes even the versions and updates of those operating systems are important.

In general, we will have an Android, Windows, or iOS tablet (Mac). Either we buy a keyboard that is specifically compatible with the operating system in question, or we bet on a universal model. The advantage of this option is that, if we renew our tablet, we will not have to forcefully change the keyboard at the same time.


Not all keyboards offer the same technical complexity and user functionality. Depending on the use that we are going to give it, we will give priority to some over others and we will seek more simplicity or greater benefits. Some keyboards will only offer us the most basic: an alphanumeric combination. Others will surprise us with shortcuts and shortcuts.

If we are only going to use the keyboard for creating and editing texts, an alphanumeric QWERTY is enough for us. If, on the contrary, we will navigate and use other more advanced functions of the tablet, we may be interested if the keyboard allows us, with a click or a combination of keys, to execute fast and effective actions. Thus, we will save time.

There are models that work with independent power (batteries or rechargeable batteries) and others that are powered via USB to the tablet.

Versatility and comfort

When using technological devices, user comfort is paramount. Just as we take care of our posture in front of a computer to avoid lumbar and cervical injuries, when choosing a keyboard that we are going to use frequently we must consider how and where we are going to use it so that our hands do not suffer.

Among the characteristics that we can assess with respect to this point, are the physical design, the distance between the keys, the existence or not of some support space for the wrists, or the layout and sensitivity of the keys. All of this will affect our muscles and joints after frequent and prolonged use.

Harmony keyboard + tablet

Although a tablet keyboard is, in itself, an external and independent element (not physically assembled on the device), it will end up being a whole with our tablet. Therefore, just as we try to adjust a tie in our suit or some socks with the shoes, we will try to do the same with these two pieces of the same outfit.

The colors, the given size, and the ease of transporting them in the same case or briefcase maybe some of the factors to take into account in this section. If we are going to use our keyboard together with the tablet in public (means of transport, libraries, or shared offices, for example) we will have a greater tendency to take better care of the image.

Tablet keyboards 6
Most tablet keyboards work with Bluetooth.

Design and visual appearance

When speaking of the keyboard in a clear way, and not necessarily its combination with the tablet, there are also very different options regarding its visual image. We can lean towards classic keyboards, with typical colors (black and white, for example) and without ornaments. Or we can bet on something stronger, such as electric tones, mixes, or effects.

In this sense, backlit tablet keyboards are an interesting option. Not only because they are striking, especially if we choose a backlight in unusual colors, but also because it will help us work in dark or poorly lit environments. It is a 2×1 in advantages, combining the aesthetic and the practical.


Once the general and specific characteristics are known, as always, the last word is up to the user. The decision on the purchase of a product corresponds exclusively to him. In the first place, regarding whether the purchase is necessary or not. Second, if the previous question is affirmative, which of the different models is more convenient to acquire.

We have exposed the most valued features of tablet keyboards. Depending on the type of user and their needs, one option will be more recommended than the other. In any case, readers now have more and better elements of judgment to lean towards a certain model. All this in order to improve the functions of our tablet and exploit it to the fullest.

(Source of featured image: PIX1861 from Pixabay)