The Best Inline Skates of 2022 – Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

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If you have come this far it is because you want to buy a pair of inline skates, perhaps the first to try this hobby on wheels. That is why in this article we are going to help you in the first steps of your choice, guiding you to buy the right skates to start this sport.

In skating, as in any other sport, the material fulfills a fundamental function, therefore it is key to acquire skates with the appropriate material. This is one of the aspects that we are going to tell you about in this guide. After reading it, you will know exactly what you need from skates.

The Most Important

  • Skates are more than just eight wheels under your feet. They should be instruments that support your feet and ankles, be comfortable, roll fluently and respond to your movements precisely.
  • What matters is not the size number when purchasing a pair of skates, but the sensations when skating and the security they provide.
  • It is very important to wear protection when you go skating: helmet, knee, and elbow pads. Your safety is essential!

The Best Inline Skates on the Market: Our Favorites

The variety of inline skates that you can find on the market is overwhelming. There are many options that can work and making a decision is not an easy task. For this reason, we have put together this list with the most striking models on the market. Do not miss it!

Inline Skates for Women

Rollerblade Zetrablade Womens Adult Fitness Inline Skate


Manufacturer: Rollerblade
Size: US Women’s 10
Color: Black/Light Blue
Wheel Type: Inline Skate Wheel
Closure Type: Buckle
Wheel Size: 80 Millimeters
Material: Synthetic
Item Weight: 7.9 Pounds

Women’s skates have a slightly different profile. For example, the Rollerblade Zetrablade W is a bit narrower and shorter last.

These skates are suitable for beginners. The frame is integrated into the shell, which gives a more stable center of gravity. They are not recommended for pirouettes or use on uneven terrain. They feature 3.150-inch diameter wheels.

The Skates with Luminous Wheels

Woolitime Sports Adjustable Blades Roller Skates


Manufacturer : Woolitime
Size Small: Little Kid
Color: Black
Wheel Material: Polyurethane
Wheel Type: Inline Skate Wheel
Closure Type: Buckle
Material: Aluminum
Item Weight: 4.83 Pounds

The Woolitime brand offers this model of skates that the little ones love thanks to its luminous wheels. The lights installed inside the wheels are activated when they start to roll.

These skates are also extensible, which means that they can be stretched or retracted to adapt to various sizes. The closure system includes buckle, velcro, and laces.

The Skates with Interchangeable Parts

Rollerblade NJ Team Unisex Adult Street Inline Skate


Manufacturer: Rollerblade
Size: 8
Color: Black/White
Wheel Type: Inline Skate Wheel
Closure Type: Buckle
Wheel Size: 58 Millimeters
Item Weight: 9.3 Pounds

Generally, when a part of your skates is damaged, the user is obliged to replace the entire skate. With this model of Rollerblade, this is no longer a problem, as the different parts of the skate can be replaced separately.

These skates are unisex and recommended for beginners. The wheels have a diameter of 2,283 inches. They have velcro and buckle closure.

The Three-wheeled Skates

Roller Derby Elite Alpha 125mm 3-Wheel Inline Skate


Manufacturer: Roller Derby
Size: 11
Color: Black
Wheel Type: Inline Skate Wheel
Closure Type: Dual buckle system
Wheel Size: 12 Centimeters
Material: Aluminum

Inline skates with three wheels, like this model from Roller Derby, are sought after by professional skaters. This is because the oversized wheels provide greater travel.

In this case, the wheels have a diameter of 4.921 inches, ideal for high speed. These skates feature buckle closures that help keep your ankle safe.

The Extendable Inline Skates for Children

5th Element B2-100 Adjustable Kids Recreational Inline Skates


Manufacturer : 5th Element
Size: 12-1
Color: Black-Orange
Wheel Type: Inline Skate Wheel
Closure Type: Lace-Up
Wheel Size: 70 Millimeters
Material: Plastic

These 5th Element skates stand out among beginners as they are comfortable to wear and therefore easy to handle. They are also lightweight. One of its most striking characteristics is that they can be adjusted to 3 different sizes, so they will not stop being perfect for the little one as they grow.

For its adjustment, the model incorporates buckles, velcro straps, and laces, which provide stability and support to children while they are on the move.

Shopping Guide: What You Should Know About Inline Skates

If you have decided to start skating you will discover that, as in any sport, skating has many peculiarities. Therefore, we are going to try to guide you in the purchase and give you some tips that will help you when buying new skates. In addition, we answer the most frequent questions that you can ask yourself as a user.

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An inline skate has several parts that are essential: the boot, the guide and the wheels. (Photo by Arif Maulana on Unsplash)

What parts does an inline skate consist of?

An inline skate has six fundamental parts. Each of them has certain characteristics depending on the type of inline skating that is practiced, although there are a series of common peculiarities. Below we describe what each part of a skate consists of so that no detail escapes you.

bootThey are high-top to hold the ankle tightly and usually have a joint to allow the ankle to flex
bootyIt is included inside the boot and makes its use softer to the touch, as well as allowing its washing and cleaning
soleIt is made of carbon fiber or various plastics
Guide or chassisIt is the part of the skate that joins the wheels with the boot and its weight can be between 160 and 220 gr. and its length between 230 and 325 mm
wheelsThe bigger they are, the higher the running speed. Hard wheels offer greater durability
brakeThey are parts at the bottom, front or other of the wheels. They are used to stop movement.

What protections should we wear when practicing with inline skates?

We can find four types of protections that should be done: wrist guards, knee pads, elbow pads, and helmets. The riskier the modality, the more necessary the protections. For example, for a quiet walk, the wristbands will be enough, while, for jumps, the helmet will be essential.

  • The wristbands hug the wrists and the palm of the hand.
  • Knee pads surround the knees and protect the menisci.
  • Elbow pads cover the elbows and are held up with bands.
  • The helmet covers the head and there are many models for different circumstances.

What types of inline skates are there?

There are different types of inline skates, each with its different characteristics. In addition, these usually coincide with the different disciplines of skating: fitness, free skate, freestyle slalom, aggressive, artistic, hockey, descent, speed, off-road. Next, we will tell you what each one of them consists of.

fitnessIntended for basic skating, for walking
De freeskateRecommended to learn technique and get started in disciplines such as drifting, jumping or hockey
De slalomSuitable for slalom technique (dodge cones)
AgressiveMore robust and heavy. Fall-resistant
ArtisticAlthough it is usually practiced with standard skates, there is also figure skating in line
HockeyFor the practice of online hockey and ideal for on-piste grip, sharp turns and speed changes
DownhillThey withstand high speeds. They wear 5 wheels and high boots
Off-roaderThey carry pneumatic wheels and can be used on any surface (grass, dirt, road)

How to care for inline skates?

To take care of the skates, we need some time and the necessary materials for cleaning and maintenance. The first thing we should know is how to clean the skates and the best way to do this is by using a wet cloth, soap, and water. This technique can be used for both boots and guides and wheels.

Regarding the coverings, we advise you to put them in a bag or a pillowcase before putting them in the washing machine, although it is also advisable to wash them by hand in cold water. When they have dried, apply a disinfectant spray. Regarding the bearings, it is convenient to remove the wheels from the guides to clean both sides.

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There are different types of inline skates, each with its different characteristics and qualities. (Photo by MusicFox Fx on Unsplash)

What size of inline skates to choose from?

One of the questions we ask ourselves when we go to buy our first pair of skates is what size to choose. It is best to try them on to see if the size is correct and they are comfortable for us. The best way to find out our correct skate size is to measure our feet. To the measurement obtained, we will add between 0.5 cm and 1 cm.

How do choose inline skates for children?

Some experts recommend that children start skating when they are at least 4 years old. This in order that your bone structure is already prepared to control the movements and possible blows that this practice entails.

Most brands of inline skates have extendable children’s skates. An extendable skate usually has between three and four sizes. Thanks to this, we can adapt the size of the skate to the foot of the child as it grows and we will not have to buy new skates every so often.

Are there men’s and women’s inline skates?

If you have come this far, you will have already noticed that there are specific inline skates for men, women, and children. Well, the reason is not only aesthetics. Inline skates are designed to fit specific foot conditions for men and women, as well as children.

Women’s inline skates offer a slightly narrower fit and are typically lower by the cuff.

In contrast, men’s models have a wider foot shape that adapts to the physical conditions that men usually have.

Purchase criteria

Currently, there is a huge variety of brands and models not only in the field of skating but, as a general rule, in all sports disciplines. This can be an opportunity or a disadvantage. In the following lines, we are about to guide you so that the purchase of your inline skating gloves is optimal.

Skating mode

As we have told you before, there are different types of skating. Depending on the discipline we choose, we will choose one type of skate or another. Simplifying, the main models of inline skates are: fitness, racing, recreation, and urban. The first thing we must consider is the use that we are going to give them.

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Unlike professional skates, beginner skates have small brackets and smaller wheels. (Image by adege from Pixabay)


The level of skating that we have is another very important factor in the type of skate that we will choose. There is beginner, intermediate, intermediate-advanced, and advanced skaters. Beginner skates have smaller wheels and smaller supports. As the level rises, we find better components.

Inner lining

The linings of inline skates are a very important part that many times we do not take into account before we get one. Skates with a lining that does not fit well will give you little security when practicing this sport. Next, we describe the different types of linings that we can find.

PlasticFoam and offer a lot of padding
Auto FitThey use gel pads. They self-adjust
Memory FitThe gel they use for their manufacture has the ability to remember the shape of your feet
Heat moldableThey adapt to your foot by molding with heat. Only available in specialty stores
PlasticThey are usually the ones who wear the beginner skates. They are durable and resilient
CoalThey are used for skates with which speed or racing is practiced

Used materials

One of the characteristics that we must take into account when buying our first inline skates is the type of material used in their manufacture. Various materials or combinations of them are used, mainly plastic, leather, and carbon fiber, a process similar to ski boots.

Inline skates (6)
(Image by Cherian George from Pixabay)

Locking system

Gone are the inline skates with buckle closure systems. Currently, there are different types of closure and it will only depend on our own tastes to lean towards one or the other. Lace, buckle, velcro, quick lace, and boa. Which one do you prefer? We tell you what each one of them consists of.

Standard cordIt was the locking system originating from inline skatesFit your ankle better
buckleThey usually accompany closure systems such as lacesThey’re more comfortable tying them up
VelcroThey are placed very easilyHelp keep the ankle properly positioned
Fast laceIt is a small rope that is tied around the bootThey are more comfortable to fasten than inline skates
boaA small wheel that causes the skate to tighten or loosen only by turning itProvides a uniform closure throughout the foot


They are responsible for generating power when skating. Rigidity is one of the most important characteristics your frame should have, as it creates a direct source of energy. The frames of the inline skates are made of plastic, aluminum, or carbon. We tell you what properties each of them has.

PlasticThey tend to weigh more, which increases the weight of the skate.They’re cheaper.
AluminumThey’re lighter.They’re more expensive.
CarbonThey are the lightest and toughest.They are used on professional skates.


Although originally made of plastic, today they are made of polyurethane, a very durable type of rubber capable of offering excellent grip. Others combine polyurethane with butadiene to improve rebound. They are the highest quality but also the most expensive. We tell you the diameter and the hardness that you should choose according to the skating style.

Skating modeHardnessDiameter
Fitness initiation80-85 A72-80 mm
Advanced fitness80-90 A80-90 mm
hockey74-78 A72-76 mm
velocity83-110 A90-110 mm
aggressive84-95 A47-64 mm
freestyle80-88 A72-80 mm


What are bindings? They determine the ability to reach high and clean speeds. These establish the technique of your skating. The function of the bindings is to reduce the friction that occurs when moving the wheel. They are usually the same in all skates, and only how comfortable we feel with them will be the determining factor in our choice.


Although there are ways to reduce speed gradually, when we consider our safety, the brake is the most important part, especially for beginners. The usual thing is that the standard initiation skates come with a brake, although there are some models that do not incorporate them as standard.

Brakes for free skatesThey have a larger surface area and an ergal nut to be able to adjust the height in addition, they are made of natural rubber and elastomer
Brakes for learning skatesThey are conical in shape, are made of injected polyurethane and you can’t adjust the height. They’re not meant to make jumps, they just help you slow down when you’re learning


It is convenient to start skating with modalities with lower technical requirements such as fitness so that you can move on to more complicated techniques once you acquire certain skills. Once we learn to slide, turn, brake, change direction and skate backward, we can choose other styles with our inline skates.

It is normal to have doubts when buying in-line skates since many times it is not known if there will be continuity or not. The inexpensive skates that we have presented in this article have enough quality to satisfy the beginner skater. Choose one of them if it is your first experience with in-line skates.

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(Featured image source: By Csaba Nagy from Pixabay)